The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour

History of the "Club Motosport"

The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour

A few local classic European motorcycle enthusiasts founded the club in 1979. In these early years, the priority goes to the support at a local Motocross Team and in 1985, the club started with the organisation of the “Belgian Old-Timer Motocross Championship”, with a yearly calendar composed by five competition days, at each time on several Belgian circuits.

The increasingly heavy administrative load, as well as the important increase of the costs, made the direction of the club decide to give this two years old organization in hands that are more suitable to ensure the perenniality of this much appreciated activity. We proudly gave it over with more than 30 pilots of classic Pre-65 engines on the grid, to start the third season 1987.  - See the results

In 1981, the club started with the yearly organisation in July of the “International Veteran Rally” that became also a major event into the Belgian vintage motorcycle world. At several occasions, some British owners of Classic motorcycles won the very envied “Best in Show prize” award.

It became nevertheless, year in year out, increasingly difficult to find people unanimously qualified to compose a Jury-team, which pushed the direction to put an end to this organization, after ten years of existence.

However, the number of Britain’s entrants was still growing by the years and even the need of information linked to tourism, asked by those who take these occasions to enjoy a longer stay over here to make a nice motorcycle tour into our country. This trend brought us to the idea to build up that kind of organization, especially dedicated to U.K. residents only, with British and continental motorcycles all together !

In 1991, the club started with activities under the generic name of the “Classic European Motorcycle Tour” to give a suitable response to these upcoming needs. As we had realized that, the majority of our British visitors hardly knew about the Franco-Belgian Ardennes country, we chose this area of predilection for the period of the Ascension Weekend : The Ardennes Tour  was born !

The Club Motosport is a Belgian non-profit organisation, designed to enable classic motorcycle enthusiasts, even the least adventurous among them, to live their hobby into a different country, with confidence and in all serenity. We practise a policy of shared expenses : the cost of each organization is divided by the number of participants, each one paying his share. Our aim is not the financial benefit, but the satisfaction of sharing our hobby.

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