The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour

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The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour The Classic European Motorcycle Tour

The V~Bombs Tour

The V~Bombs Tour is a most particular classic motorcycle event which covers the small but picturesque roads of Northern France.

This very beautiful and hilly region was not always so peaceful ; during the more recent events of the Second World War it has been ravaged by the armies of Europe. There is not another place on the Continent where then, so many young men have come and stayed, only to be remembered by a solitary stone and a small wooden cross.

It is with this in mind that have put together this remarkable Motorcycle Tour - The V~Bombs Tour - where the participants will visit the V1, V2 and V3 flying bomb sites, which are almost all situated of Saint-Omer to destination ... LONDON !

Far from this being an apology for the weapons of Mass destruction and the devastation some of them route; this will be a Tour of the gigantic structures and the hidden meaning behind them. It will also unveil there final fate at the hands of Bomber Command and the TALL BOY mega bomb conceived by the genius of Sir Barnes Wallis.

During your Tour, you will be told the story of horrendous weapons, the people behind them and the monumental loss of life of the slave labour that was used to construct them. You will be shown at first hand the inner workings of the bunkers and fortifications built to house them, also you will see the points of impact that brought about there final downfall.

All this will be done with the help of and under the watchful eye of your very experienced motorcycle guilds, which will ensure you have a most safe and memorable visit.

If you have some days free in May during the Ascension Weekend, why not join the team of the Club Motosport of Comines-Belgium, for a low-cost, all-in, four day "Classic European Motorcycle Tour", into this historic countryside.

Please, don't delay your entry for the V~Bombs Tour a too long time to avoid disappointment, because the number of participants is limited by the capacity of the accommodation along the way. The closing date is January 15th ! After this time, we cannot guarantee places any more.

Interested ? To receive free information about it, please fill in the Pre-entry Form.

Enjoy our website and we hope to see you soon.

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